The Man from Taured

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The Man from Taured

Post by Jeff »

I've come across this story a couple times in the past, and recently came across it again.

As the story goes, a man arrives in Japan by airplane, to attend to business. He has flown to Japan several times in the past on business. As he goes through customs, he presents an official looking passport from a country call Taured. It's even stamped by Japanese customs a couple of previous times. Clearly they are confused as there is no country called Taured, so they pull him into secondary for questioning. The traveler is initially as confused as they are, and after a while his confusion turns to anger.

Is this an example of a traveler from a parallel universe? Interesting story either way.

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Post by LarrySTAIG »

Pretty good stories there... i see why you chose this one. the Aircraft shape similar to Lazars account. Or did Lazar get his story from this one.

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